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The End.

Cross-referencing the ultimate lies.

The ultimate eulogy for the JFK assassination was given by David Phillips in 1988 just before his death. No one's ever proven that he was a player in the assassination itself but evidence has piled up that he was a crucial player involved in the CIA's delicate cover-up. It's important to remember that some of the most rabid conspiracy theorists were government agents themselves.

After years of complete denial, lawsuits and helping to form the "Association of Former Intelligence Officers" to combat the accumulating bad press against the CIA, Phillips offered his "final take" to an investigator with the House Select Committee on Assassinations.
"My final take on the assassination is there was a conspiracy, likely including American intelligence officers." odd thing to say concerning his life-long loyalty to the CIA. Knowing what we know about him, Phillips would never implicate or tarnish the name of the CIA without considerable reason. His 'final take' seems to suggest that he knew something was going to be uncovered posthumously in his direction and he was trying to dodge the bullet in advance and implicate/acknowledge the guilt of others directly around him.

As a point of reference, the other ultimate final take on the assassination was given by the most notorious figurehead of US counterespionage, James Jesus Angleton, when he was forced to leave the CIA in '75... saying:
"A mansion has many rooms ... I was not privy to who struck John."
Angleton continually claimed Oswald was a Soviet Agent and deterred investigations into his background concerning Cuba. Although it seems crude, Angleton is the kind of man that one could assume most of the opposite of what he says is true.

For a third take on the assassination, E. Howard Hunt claimed before his death in 2007 that the assassination was most likely done by CIA members on freelance and that he was a "benchwarmer".

There's something to these 3 opinions if their mirrors can be arranged correctly. their level of dedication and security clearance, that 2 of these 3 master liers have accepted some CIA responsibility in JFK's death is pretty stunning. We can probably safely reverse Angleton's mirror and let it reflect the opposite...

Angleton knew more than most anyone about Oswald and was best positioned to be controlling Oswald through Phillips through a back channel of communication, outside the knowledge of other agents directly surrounding them. Angleton was a complete pro at the very top of the CIA, approaching his job from a decidedly amoral position with highly secretive means; tapping everyone in Washington and recording virtually none of what he was doing on paper.
Consider that Angleton took over the CIA's entire investigation of JFK's murder to tie up all loose ends and control the events' historical understanding from the top down, becoming the sole CIA liaison to the Warren Commission. For Angleton, this positioning could not have been more vital...
That he was working directly with Allen Dulles on the Warren Commission (his former boss, who JFK had fired after the Bay of Pigs) to coordinate the presentation of every aspect of the killing, secured that the public would have to "ask the fox who killed the hens".

A major part of Angleton's job was to investigate agents that may have become doubled by the USSR...
He would have inevitably been observing Oswald back in Japan before he even arrived in Russia. Angleton, obsessed with controlling the CIA's secrets and security, would've had a close eye on Oswald because Lee Harvey was tracking top secret flights of the U2 plane and was a potential trader of knowledge with Japanese spies as he floated through their social underworld. Angleton would've been the destination for any knowledge Oswald would learn and report back, whether Oswald knew it or not.

Oswald was likely to have been trained in one of a few false defector programs by ONI (the Office of Naval Intelligence) considering how many times he was used on enemy borders as a dangle. This could be implied purely by both ONI and the CIA maintaining multiple files on him in their Counter-Intelligence sections. His role was to paint himself as a malcontent marine with intense communist beliefs, veering on the most vulnerable edge of defection (a cliche baiting tactic)... with press agents showing up in perfect time to document his every overt rebellious move. Not only did the CIA probably create the scene where he offered secrets to the Russians upon his 'defection' when he arrived in Russia, but they also claimed he'd offered information for money to the Russians in Mexico later on (brandishing a pistol inside their consulate and appearing to be an emotional wreck). It's as though the CIA was obsessed with OSWALD to the smallest detail, but simultaneously forgetting about him constantly, saying he wasn't a concern. With what we know now, it seems the CIA was forgetting about him on cue only when he was participating in covert missions for them.

The research done by military analyst John Newman (one of the pioneers of decoding released CIA memos) showed that Angleton was consistently using Oswald as a 'Marked Card' in a baiting operation to see who from his own agents would repeat any of the erroneous information he would hide in false files.

One slight of Angleton's hand that's still waiting to be decoded entirely is that his office opened up a "201 file" on Oswald a year after he first offered secrets to the Russians (implying this offer was planned and not considered dangerous at the time). A 201 file is a military personality file that attempts to determine one's true loyalty and/or track any possibility of a spy's defection.

Another instance of file tampering was when Angleton and his assistant Ann Egerter created at least two other Oswald files listing him as "Lee Henry Oswald" and "Harvey Lee Oswald" when they knew well what his true name was. The "Lee Henry Oswald" file was handled carefully for at least 3 years by Angleton's assistant who, with great discipline, continually misspelled his name and sometimes sent out two different descriptions of him within the same hour to see who would replicate the bogus material. Essentially, Oswald's entire life was lived as a dangle... leaving him hanging in Russia was, in itself, a simple way to watch the enemy watch him, sending him alongside a couple other relatively obvious false defectors while manipulating and disseminating his file for Angleton's passionate Mole Hunting pursuits.
Not only was the idea of two heights/weights/ages/descriptions of Oswald disseminated by a small element in the CIA over to the FBI and the Navy in a deliberate attempt to confuse and hide information in secondary files under different names, but the phone caller received in Mexico at the Soviet Embassy was also identified as "Lee Henry Oswald" in their own files.

Ann Egerter once described her job as "spying on our own spies". Deepening her relationship with Oswald, a SECRET EYES ONLY CIA memorandum was sent on June 22, 1962 from the illegal mail intercept program about the opening of a letter from Oswald's mother saying "This item will be of interest to Mrs Egerter, Counter Intelligence/SIG, and also to the FBI."
For there to have been a sizable CIA operation to collect Oswald's mail in the years leading up to the assassination conducted by the highest echelon of counter intelligence shows that Oswald had always been of great interest to Angleton. To run a top secret operation using a pawn like Oswald to provoke false situations and observe their effect on your surrounding officers without their knowing, is known as a "vest-pocket" operation. Since his days on radar command with the U2 in Japan, his travels across the globe play out like a string of various shock tests to view how the CIA and it's enemy operated from a god's eye view.

I think that, if dissected and understood, the majority of the erroneous information about Oswald throughout his life came straight from Angleton's disinformation trickling down.
This 'Marked file' with the "Lee Henry Oswald" name shows that Angleton had a relationship with Oswald whether Lee knew it or not. And again it shows that the CIA was most likely using Oswald to make a show at the Embassies in Mexico to view their enemies surveillance capabilities. Knowing Oswald's temper, it may have been that they lured him there with a mission to enter Cuba and let him bounce around like a pinball while they watched. Because their official party line was that they had no relationship with him, David Phillips was inevitably caught up in the lie that their cameras weren't working at all the exact times Oswald walked by while they observed him and listened in from their wire taps (then the tapes were destroyed and their existence concealed to protect the CIA's surveillance methods for viewing the enemies consulates). If the CIA used both Oswald and an imposter in Mexico City to call and/or visit the consulates in turn while listening in on their dialogue, perhaps it was all just a test to hear their enemies describe their own monitoring system. This way the CIA could overhear their rival embassies comparing their own pictures and phone call tapes to understand exactly what they were able to see and hear.

The 201 file and the alternate files of erroneous Oswald names are just two of several areas that have opened up whole new fields in the culture of Oswald analysis. This web of deliberate confusion suggests Oswald's involvement in multiple operations that overlap throughout various agencies files and reveal deception that would seem to inevitably trail straight back up to Angleton, as he would not let this kind of military man roam freely through Russia and back under erroneous names/physical descriptions without considerable care.

Consider this logical game:
You are in a conversation with Angleton, who you know is a master lier/manipulator and who's top priority is to obscure/protect the CIA's true motivations/secrets.
He tells you that he's sure that Oswald was a Russian Spy (as was his 'best theory'). Then:

Why would the KGB send a spy back into the US and choose his cover to be a... militant communist?... in what way would he avoid CIA speculation with this strategy?
But... he did avoid CIA speculation after returning to the US with the niece of a Russian Secret Service agent in tow. Whereas, while he was in Minsk, Russia, Oswald was under a massive surveillance campaign... the Russians were extremely concerned as to what he was doing there. But the US had no interest in his highly suspicious activity...
The only logical deduction that can come from this is that the US was fully informed on his motivations and the USSR was not.


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