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Summing up:
(early '63)
After Oswald tried to infiltrate the 'DRE' (an Anti-Castro group funded by the CIA) and had a public showdown on the streets of New Orleans with them (that lead to a television broadcast and a radio debate about his Pro-Castro stance/Marxist beliefs), he did not pursue any further pamphleting or continue his developing notoriety in New Orleans.
Instead, with a sort of 'my work is done here' air about him, he mentioned an idea about 'hi-jacking a plane' to get inside Cuba to his wife... around this time he'd often sit and mess with his rifle assembly while meditating on something. About a month after his radio debate, he'd already gotten a visa to get into Mexico, got on a bus and left his wife to pursue this obtuse mission.

His leaving so soon after quickly establishing a persona in New Orleans seems suspect. Who would he know in Cuba?... why would he know them? ...and why has he suddenly left his family for this vague purpose with no regard for their income?

Modern researchers focus on this trip through Mexico towards Cuba in an attempt to truly understand what was behind Oswald's motivations and how that relates to the assassination occurring only weeks afterward. Probably the biggest area of speculation is a group of lies that the CIA were caught in about whether or not Oswald was really in Mexico at all. The most casual observer sees this red flag and simply wants to understand what is so important about Oswald during this period and how this trip relates to the assassination.

Jefferson Morley's new book "Our Man in Mexico" about the CIA station chief in Mexico, Win Scott, helps clear up some things about Oswald's trip. In short, Scott was the sole employee of the CIA that insisted Oswald was definitely in Mexico and that he was tracked on every occasion Scott's office came into contact with him. Scott's claim conflicted with other CIA testimony {David Phillips} and suggests to leading researchers that OSWALD was being protected/obscured as part of a high-level operation being run outside of Win Scott's awareness.

Win Scott came from the days before the CIA when the US intelligence agency was called the OSS and largely studied under the British Secret Service, who taught the Americans everything they knew about espionage strategy.
Win Scott was a perfectionist concerning the detail of his customized filing system and oversaw mostly high-level, behind-the-scenes information dissection rather than doing any covert spy ops himself. Therefore, when the Assassinations Review Board re-opened the JFK case briefly in the late 70's, the CIA was very unhappy that Win's manuscripts stated that every single interaction OSWALD had with the Russian and Cuban consulates down in Mexico were documented by his station. This documentation was a point of pride for Scott... and evidence of his intense dedication to understand exactly who was coming in and out of Cuba and Russia on this well-traveled route for spies and walking right by his office. When the Warren Report stated there was no record of Oswald having visited the Cuban consulate before the assassination and no pictures taken by such a well-thought out and maintained surveillance operation, this was a personal insult to the work Win Scott had been doing for his entire career. So perhaps his ego drove him to leave a true account of how hard his staff had worked to track Oswald and relay every speck of information to their superior offices. This contradiction of facts is part of why a chapter in Win Scott's memoirs on Oswald's Mexican trip is still classified to this day.

Why is this subtle contradiction important?
The CIA fumbled in trying to obscure Oswald's purpose in Mexico and their relationship to it... which points guilty fingers back at them...
Why cover up this simple appearance in Mexico?
There is evidence that Oswald's profile was being controlled at the highest levels of counterintelligence... evidence that his file's contents were being altered by a selective strain of members in the CIA that wished to tamper with the record of Oswald's involvement in their operations concerning Cuba... In the late 70's, researchers began to use the CIA's contradictions as a foothold for their suspicions and form what is now the modern school of thought on who Oswald really was.

{CIA counter espionage specialist, David Phillips lied on the stand on 3 different points to explain why his cameras did not capture Oswald entering the Cuban Embassy. Instead of the surveillance camera malfunctioning as Phillips claimed, Win Scott's manuscript explains that the automatic camera was oversensitive if anything, taking more pictures than necessary because of it's over-sensitive trigger. Scott also explains that the camera was taken out for maintainence 4 days after Phillips claimed it was... and while Phillips claimed the camera was turned off on the weekends, Oswald walked by it on a Friday.}

Why would Phillips commit perjury on such small points? The implication is that Oswald was part of an operation that needed covering up... ...Meanwhile, during that very period, the missions the CIA were running that involved getting mercenaries or 'soldiers of fortune' into Cuba largely concerned the assassination of Castro.

...Attempts to Assassinate Castro:
New information exposing the details behind the power struggles between Bobby Kennedy and the CIA over how to deal with Castro's encroaching Communist presence on the Western hemisphere has helped to illustrate the haste, sloppiness and confusion surrounding the attempts to assassinate Castro. One of the more famous anecdotes is of the CIA agent who was discovered supplying a Mob connection with a poison pen/syringe intended for Castro at the very moment JFK was killed. Multiple attempts to physically harm Castro had already failed, including some ambitious attempts that involved firing a rocket launcher into his hotel room or getting a sea shell rigged with explosives to blow him up while scuba-diving... but the closest anyone got was one of his lovers, who had hidden poison pills intended for his drink in a jar of cold cream where they melted. As far as modern research has revealed, Bobby Kennedy may never have specifically asked for the death of Castro, but for virtually any way to unseat him or kill off his movement... and apparently Kennedy was such an unpleasant person to be an enemy of, the CIA took what he meant, in so many words, to mean 'executive action' or death in any possible way.

The attempts to oust Castro grew more and more outrageous, from the plan to inspire a Christian uprising by shooting fireworks from outlying islands into the shape of a crucifix, to releasing a gas that would cause Castro's beard to fall out during a televised speech. It's not impossible to formulate a theory that OSWALD could have been one of the many people trained to shoot, somewhat haphazardly, at Castro. His profile was right: boy from a broken home/ early troubles with authority/ joins Marines and is trained in intelligence/ prone to violence/ reads books about spies constantly/ is allowed to guard and understand the flying routes of the CIA's greatest secret: the U2 plane/ trusted with high-security clearance/ possibly involved in one of the Navy's 'false defector' programs/ tries to become a double-agent in the USSR and appears to be rehearsed in how to go about it/ has cash to travel that magically appears and was never earned or in his bank account/ ...and, most importantly, he developed a profile as a possible Soviet Agent. After his Communist backstory was created, another sub-plot in New Orleans developed his Pro-Castro profile. This persona can be used for various sides' future gain... but the CIA could try use him to enter Cuba as a communist, in an attempt to get close enough to shoot at Castro... (unfortunately this could amount to making more political sense than killing JFK in a multitude of ways).
Read the section taken from David Phillips' manuscript in a blog entry below to hear his own words on the idea that Oswald was trained to kill Castro and the plan backfired.

It has often been asserted that Oswald life's pattern constantly bore what is called "the fingerprints of intelligence". There are many situations he was in that appear to be contradictory on the surface but unfold to show a well-planned outcome. One major circumstance that makes his relationship with military intelligence seem apparent was his initial "renunciation of US citizenship" on his sudden move to Russia. Most everything surrounding this situation suggests that it was an operation.

Beforehand, while serving in Japan, as others in his platoon socialized, he quietly studied Russian until he accomplished a relatively expert level of the dialect... (hence the reason Marina mistook his accent for a specific province when they met). On his arrival to Russia, he didn't actually "renounce" his citizenship... instead, he made a big show of an attempt to lend military secrets to the Russians in the US embassy and never followed thru with any of the paperwork... (it could have actually caused him problems if his gesture was genuine)- ...probably knowing he'd be returning to the US for other reasons, like most scenes he made, this was just another performance.
FBI agent James Hosty (who was surveilling Oswald throughout his Dallas period) said that handwriting experts analyzed Oswald's diary of his 3 years in Russia, what he called his "historic life's journal" oddly enough, and discerned that the entire diary was written in 2 days. ...just another performance... a careful development of his backstory.

How did this backstory aid his future deeds?
Later on in New Orleans, after scoring the proof he needed there, he took his newspaper clippings showing his arrest and FPCC membership card to prove his Communist leanings and seemed to believe he would be able to glide into Cuba. Who brings pictures of themselves getting arrested to get into another country?
His confidence was indicated by how angry he became when he was told he'd have to wait up to 4 months to get his travel visa while the Russian Embassy contacted Washington and checked out his background. He seemed to assume things were set up for him... this could explain why he marched back and forth between the embassies in confusion, calling the other, giving his name and claiming he'd been cleared. He'd have good reason to expect an expedited treatment if only for how fast he'd been shuttled through all of his other border entries, sometimes getting his visas the next day. These parallels are important.

When Oswald had flitted into the Soviet Union he was funded by unknown sources... but the KGB also assisted him and observed him under the cover of the Red Cross... he was set up in Minsk in an electronics factory where he was immediately paid the same amount as the head director (the US had great curiosity in observing Russian electronic production ability). He met Marina at a dance and they married only 6 weeks later (her uncle was KGB). I've read that if a woman wanted to marry an American and leave the USSR during the height of the Cold War, that she had to agree to work with the KGB by relaying information back to them... and this sounds like what you would expect of that era. It's the only way, with both sides observing each other through these two peoples' flimsy union, that they could have left the USSR together and entered the USA with ease and with supposedly no surveillance/interest in them. The only reason that there would be no official or recorded information on this surveillance is simply because they were informing on themselves.

So when we understand Oswald's history as having had an odd sort of military intelligence sponsorship that allowed him to travel places and do things that others could not do without inside help... It doesn't look quite as strange in Mexico when he attempts to glide thru to Cuba...
Back when Oswald had guarded U2 planes in Japan he'd gotten a discharge from the marines because "his mom was sick". But instead of going to take care of her, he bee-lined to Russia through a special route in Helsinki, Finland taken by those well-informed and decided he was ready to give up US military secrets. A matter of days later the first U2 plane was shot down over Russia and the pilot, Gary Powers, himself said that it was only Oswald's information that could of located the plane and helped take it down. Knowing this, the Warren Report would have us believe that the CIA/FBI had no interest in this character... and would let him slip back into the country after living in the USSR, bringing his newly acquired wife and getting a job in a photo lab that developed military plane's overhead surviellance?...

This is a parallel to New Orleans when he'd accomplished his pamphleting task to then pick up to move on to his next objective. But in the instance of Russia, he seems to have be assigned to find the wife... and their relationship never seems to have had much more than the discomfort of an arranged marriage. One of the more interesting theories is that this was an early step towards trying to get her KGB uncle to travel to the American side.

After Oswald's return he began to leave Marina at random intervals to live in other areas on his own, as if the marriage was not central to his lifestyle at all. It's sad to think that Oswald's mother, who has been painted thoughout every single piece of media coverage she's ever had as an completely unstable lunatic who bore another lunatic, constantly said "my son was an agent for the CIA".

In Mexico there was an actual picture of Oswald attached to his application for a Visa to Cuba when he arrived.
Win Scott and 2 other agents have admitted to having seen the actual pictures of Oswald entering the consulate to corroborate his presence there... so it looks as if he really was determined to get to Cuba... maybe to establish a further backstory as a Cuban supporter or agent... perhaps that would develop the ultimate political identity of the killer of JFK for anti-communist political purposes... or perhaps Oswald was part of the plan to kill Castro. A lot of researchers have had to speculate that he was part of 2 different plans and one of them won out over the other. It is still their project to find out why.



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