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Domino Theory

The basic myth of Sherlock Holmes is that by looking at the overview of a crime he could infer the guilty party by uncovering their psychology and motivation. Because 'JFK/OSWALD' was never brought to a legitimate trial and so many of the crucial witnesses died of "heart attacks", we can't use hard evidence so much as look for the strongest thread of logic, understand motivations and work backwards.

Oswald's participation in the 'Fair Play for Cuba Committee' has always seemed multi-layered and bizarre. Essentially his life in his New Orleans period preceding the assassination can be characterized as a hired acting job ...a seemingly pointless one-man performance,, but for who?
Oswald tried very hard to get arrested in public to display his Pro-Castro stance to the widest possible audience and, conveniently, live news cameras showed up to capture his fight with Carlos Bringuier before it had occurred. Bringuier was in charge of publicity and propaganda for the anti-Castro group the "DRE"... Oswald was overheard whispering "hit me Carlos" after the media arrived. To further emphasize the planned out nature of their street fight, researcher Jefferson Morley has shown that Oswald actually reported it occuring to the FPCC in New York 9 days before it had even happened. Oswald had skillfully baited Bringuier, having strolled into his storefront and offered his ex-marine abilities to train Anti-Castro commandos, after obviously being educated on exactly who Bringuier was and rehearsed by someone most likely involved with these training camps. This exposes the CIA project to infiltrate all Pro- and Anti-Castro groups, manipulate the public and the press on the Cuban issue, and points an arrow back towards a relational nexus between the David Phillips, Guy Banister and Jack Ruby's crowd involved the backdoor gun-running that supplied the camps with weapons that couldn't be traced to the government.

In a 1978 deposition given to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, E. Howard Hunt said "The DRE. Dave Phillips ran that for us." (read about who David Phillips was in the blog entry below)...
And who, along with David Phillips, ran an operation to infiltrate the FPCC?: future Watergate burglar, James McCord. Apparently the operation was designed by McCord and implemented by Phillips in the field. As you follow this New Orleans scenario, a relationship between Phillips and Oswald begins to seem inevitable... and Anthony Venciana's claim of seeing David Phillips talking with Oswald in Dallas grows more and more believable.

Declassified documents discovered by military analyst John Newman say that Phillips and McCord were conducting surveillance in New Orleans on a young american male who had "returned from Cuba under the sponsorship of the FPCC".

In '92 it was discovered that, in the New Orleans photos, Oswald is handing out a rare, sold out 1st printing of the FPCC pamphlets... when, at that time, they were already on their 4th pressing. The CIA had ordered copies of this first pressing back in '61 when Oswald was still living in Russia. So where else would he have gotten these pamphlets stamped with the address of fanatical right wing "ex"-FBI agent Guy Banister?... A sworn deposition from a witness in an unconnected court case stated that they were in a meeting with both Banister and a "Mr.Phillips" who was "from Washington" and "seemed to be running the show" where they were working on "a televised anti-Castro propaganda program".

After the assassination several shady people, with seemingly arranged media co-ordination, came out of the woodwork to suggest that Oswald was sent as an agent of Castro to kill JFK (in an attempt to rip open the unresolved scab of the Bay of Pigs). Again, there was a Watergate connection... In 1976 Frank Sturgis, one of the plumbers, gave a series of interviews where he claimed the assassination had been organized by Fidel Castro and that Lee Harvey Oswald had been working in America as a Cuban agent. When disinformation like this is usually issued from the mouths of paid informants you can probably safely suspect the opposite could be true... but in this case a lot of researchers believe that Oswald was lead to believe he was acting on the part of Castro's interests by anti-Castro agents/refugees posing as Castro agents, attempting to bring on the inevitable ejection of Castro if he was found to be behind JFK's murder.

The press pointing towards Castro or Russia being behind Oswald's moves and the various stages of his public role as a red-leaning fanatic that took pictures of himself with a rifle with issues of 'The Militant' and 'The Worker' in his hands, all include "the fingerprints of intelligence" and occur in the patterns of co-ordination indicative of people like Phillips who's very job it was to provide disinformation to the public in these areas.
I've read that during JFK's term there were over 400 CIA-employed writers positioned throughout the US media, churning out disinformation in ways that Chomsky is still called a conspiracy theorist for pointing out.

Oswald succeeded by catapulting his new persona into televised debates over Cuba and Marxism with Bringuier when their media purposes momentarily coalesced. But his attempt to form a "committee" in New Orleans never really began, as he remained the sole member of the FPCC (along with the chapter president, "Alek Hidell", his alias) and never converted anyone. How many everyday citizens do you know that use an alias and run false political/media-coordinated operations?

To understand the teleology of this crime's motivation, you'd want to line up all of the odd sub-plots and scenarios so that, when aligned as a series of dominoes with the end result in a logical sequence, you'd have a clear path, one of no resistance, where the reasoning for the risks undertaken by the guilty party would be self-evident.
Why would Oswald go to the trouble of these public performances? in an obtuse and lateral way, with barely any money to support his family... he appeared to be on a mission to develop a backstory for himself. If you skip down in this blog to David Atlee Phillips 'theory' below, you can begin to formulate a clearer line of logic for the domino that concerns Oswald's New Orleans period. Meaning that, the people most interested in developing the backstory of Oswald as a Pro-Castro extremist and most able to co-ordinate news coverage, hiring others to hand out pamphlets with him and establishing the office address etc.,,, would logically be the same people trying to prep his appearance for being able to enter Cuba as a Castro supporter and position him up above Fidel's daily jeep rides.

When you keep sliding these puzzle pieces around they must eventually lock up into one formation. The famous quote from an agent describing the mood inside the offices of the CIA in reaction to OSWALD's arrest was "the effect was electric".
For over 3 decades this phrase was concealed from the public. It implies a sense of guilt or foreknowing,, but in what direction exactly? If you slide the puzzle pieces one way, the shock inside the CIA offices corresponds best with David Phillips' manuscript. Obviously the 'electric effect' tells us that they know well who Oswald is... it could also give the effect that an operation they had their hands deep in had back-fired, literally. Which is what brings a lot of the best research to focus on the Mexico City incident and understanding why Oswald was down there right before the assassination.
(thanks to the excellent author/researchers Jefferson Morley, John Newman, Dick Russell and Gaeton Fonzi)

Do the pulse cameras at the Mexico City Consulate matter in the way it's often assumed they do?... The common assumption is that Oswald was impersonated in Mexico and that David Phillips claimed the pulse cameras were dysfunctional in the exact period of time that Oswald walked by them 6 times to avoid the uncovering of this impersonation. But what if David Phillips was concealing that Oswald actually was there to gain access to Cuba for a different top secret mission? This could iron out in a straighter fashion and follow the logic of what we know of Phillips' skill at disinformation.

No one can deny the compelling evidence that there was an Oswald impostor in Mexico, including that many people have said they met another very similar man named Oswald that was not Lee Harvey. But like most things that people often consider unresolvable contradictions,... why can't they just co-exist? The riddle of why pictures of a fake Oswald were sent from the CIA to Washington has confused researchers into proposing that Oswald was never in Mexico... but considering that it would be more damaging for the CIA if Oswald had actually been trying to get into Cuba while involved in one of many top secret Castro assassination plots,, it would make more sense that he was there in Mexico ...and that the impersonation occured simultaneously to serve as a cover to say that he wasn't. This would be the kind of work David Phillips was known for and was his job to do.
...or,, is it what everyone would expect.. that Phillips left behind one last piece of disinformation to point the blame away from himself,, back to Cuba, where they'd begun pointing it towards well before the assassination.. looking backwards now it almost looks too organized,, as if they knew they could get away with anything... it was, after all, Phillips design from the beginning wasn't it?... Oswald's pro-Cuban stance would put the blame on Castro and bring jets screaming and bombs falling. Maybe this is the kind of simplicity a theory needs.

Indeed, the fact that Oswald was or wasn't in Mexico was so important to the CIA/FBI that less than 24 hours after the assassination, in J. Edgar Hoover's first phone call to LBJ, this was said:

LBJ: "Have you established any more about the visit to the Soviet embassy in Mexico in September?"

Hoover: "No, that’s one angle that’s very confusing, for this reason: we have up here the tape and the photograph of the man who was at the Soviet embassy, using Oswald’s name. That picture and the tape do not correspond to this man’s voice, nor to his appearance. In other words, it appears that there is a second person who was at the Soviet embassy down there."
(...taken from a transcript that survived from audio tapes that contain a 14 minute gap where this area was destroyed)

Why would James Angleton (chief of the CIA's counter-intelligence) swoop in the day after Winston Scott's death (CIA chief of Mexico who'd suffered a fatal 'heart attack' with no autopsy performed) to confiscate the materials in his private safe?:

Scott is said to have had pictures and tapes of the real Oswald in Mexico... and since the false picture of Oswald had already been exposed what would be so sensitive that Angleton would need to protect it immediately (like he had Mary Pinchot Meyer's diary after her still unsolved murder)?... What would be so damaging about having audio tapes of the real Oswald's voice?:
Simply that it would've indicated that he had been there... possibly participating in one of the many illegal attempts to kill Castro.

The most powerful theory will be the one that holds the strongest logic. Because people do these killing things for concrete reasons and you must uncover what those reasons are without getting lost in the endless details. Why destroy tapes?: because they will either indicate that you created a false appearance or that Oswald actually was present and involved in a task you must deny. The CIA claimed they were confused as to how they could have sent an erroneous picture after being forced to play dumb... and then, backed into a corner of rationalizations, they claimed the cameras weren't working... which doesn't explain how a picture of a different man on that date and position existed.

This is a photo of Oswald's application for entrance into Cuba...

How could a man holding this page with Oswald's picture on it, but not having his appearance, apply to enter the USSR or Cuba?:
...the domino falls straighter if this situation at the Consulate was invented as a cover to conceal a different design.
You just have to keep ironing it out and lining up the dominoes.

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