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Summing up:
(early '63)
After Oswald tried to infiltrate the 'DRE' (an Anti-Castro group funded by the CIA) and had a public showdown on the streets of New Orleans with them (that lead to a television broadcast and a radio debate about his Pro-Castro stance/Marxist beliefs), he did not pursue any further pamphleting or continue his developing notoriety in New Orleans.
Instead, with a sort of 'my work is done here' air about him, he mentioned an idea about 'hi-jacking a plane' to get inside Cuba to his wife... around this time he'd often sit and mess with his rifle assembly while meditating on something. About a month after his radio debate, he'd already gotten a visa to get into Mexico, got on a bus and left his wife to pursue this obtuse mission.

His leaving so soon after quickly establishing a persona in New Orleans seems suspect. Who would he know in Cuba?... why would he know them? ...and why has he suddenly left his family for this vague purpose with no regard for their income?

Modern researchers focus on this trip through Mexico towards Cuba in an attempt to truly understand what was behind Oswald's motivations and how that relates to the assassination occurring only weeks afterward. Probably the biggest area of speculation is a group of lies that the CIA were caught in about whether or not Oswald was really in Mexico at all. The most casual observer sees this red flag and simply wants to understand what is so important about Oswald during this period and how this trip relates to the assassination.

Jefferson Morley's new book "Our Man in Mexico" about the CIA station chief in Mexico, Win Scott, helps clear up some things about Oswald's trip. In short, Scott was the sole employee of the CIA that insisted Oswald was definitely in Mexico and that he was tracked on every occasion Scott's office came into contact with him. Scott's claim conflicted with other CIA testimony {David Phillips} and suggests to leading researchers that OSWALD was being protected/obscured as part of a high-level operation being run outside of Win Scott's awareness.

Win Scott came from the days before the CIA when the US intelligence agency was called the OSS and largely studied under the British Secret Service, who taught the Americans everything they knew about espionage strategy.
Win Scott was a perfectionist concerning the detail of his customized filing system and oversaw mostly high-level, behind-the-scenes information dissection rather than doing any covert spy ops himself. Therefore, when the Assassinations Review Board re-opened the JFK case briefly in the late 70's, the CIA was very unhappy that Win's manuscripts stated that every single interaction OSWALD had with the Russian and Cuban consulates down in Mexico were documented by his station. This documentation was a point of pride for Scott... and evidence of his intense dedication to understand exactly who was coming in and out of Cuba and Russia on this well-traveled route for spies and walking right by his office. When the Warren Report stated there was no record of Oswald having visited the Cuban consulate before the assassination and no pictures taken by such a well-thought out and maintained surveillance operation, this was a personal insult to the work Win Scott had been doing for his entire career. So perhaps his ego drove him to leave a true account of how hard his staff had worked to track Oswald and relay every speck of information to their superior offices. This contradiction of facts is part of why a chapter in Win Scott's memoirs on Oswald's Mexican trip is still classified to this day.

Why is this subtle contradiction important?
The CIA fumbled in trying to obscure Oswald's purpose in Mexico and their relationship to it... which points guilty fingers back at them...
Why cover up this simple appearance in Mexico?
There is evidence that Oswald's profile was being controlled at the highest levels of counterintelligence... evidence that his file's contents were being altered by a selective strain of members in the CIA that wished to tamper with the record of Oswald's involvement in their operations concerning Cuba... In the late 70's, researchers began to use the CIA's contradictions as a foothold for their suspicions and form what is now the modern school of thought on who Oswald really was.

{CIA counter espionage specialist, David Phillips lied on the stand on 3 different points to explain why his cameras did not capture Oswald entering the Cuban Embassy. Instead of the surveillance camera malfunctioning as Phillips claimed, Win Scott's manuscript explains that the automatic camera was oversensitive if anything, taking more pictures than necessary because of it's over-sensitive trigger. Scott also explains that the camera was taken out for maintainence 4 days after Phillips claimed it was... and while Phillips claimed the camera was turned off on the weekends, Oswald walked by it on a Friday.}

Why would Phillips commit perjury on such small points? The implication is that Oswald was part of an operation that needed covering up... ...Meanwhile, during that very period, the missions the CIA were running that involved getting mercenaries or 'soldiers of fortune' into Cuba largely concerned the assassination of Castro.

...Attempts to Assassinate Castro:
New information exposing the details behind the power struggles between Bobby Kennedy and the CIA over how to deal with Castro's encroaching Communist presence on the Western hemisphere has helped to illustrate the haste, sloppiness and confusion surrounding the attempts to assassinate Castro. One of the more famous anecdotes is of the CIA agent who was discovered supplying a Mob connection with a poison pen/syringe intended for Castro at the very moment JFK was killed. Multiple attempts to physically harm Castro had already failed, including some ambitious attempts that involved firing a rocket launcher into his hotel room or getting a sea shell rigged with explosives to blow him up while scuba-diving... but the closest anyone got was one of his lovers, who had hidden poison pills intended for his drink in a jar of cold cream where they melted. As far as modern research has revealed, Bobby Kennedy may never have specifically asked for the death of Castro, but for virtually any way to unseat him or kill off his movement... and apparently Kennedy was such an unpleasant person to be an enemy of, the CIA took what he meant, in so many words, to mean 'executive action' or death in any possible way.

The attempts to oust Castro grew more and more outrageous, from the plan to inspire a Christian uprising by shooting fireworks from outlying islands into the shape of a crucifix, to releasing a gas that would cause Castro's beard to fall out during a televised speech. It's not impossible to formulate a theory that OSWALD could have been one of the many people trained to shoot, somewhat haphazardly, at Castro. His profile was right: boy from a broken home/ early troubles with authority/ joins Marines and is trained in intelligence/ prone to violence/ reads books about spies constantly/ is allowed to guard and understand the flying routes of the CIA's greatest secret: the U2 plane/ trusted with high-security clearance/ possibly involved in one of the Navy's 'false defector' programs/ tries to become a double-agent in the USSR and appears to be rehearsed in how to go about it/ has cash to travel that magically appears and was never earned or in his bank account/ ...and, most importantly, he developed a profile as a possible Soviet Agent. After his Communist backstory was created, another sub-plot in New Orleans developed his Pro-Castro profile. This persona can be used for various sides' future gain... but the CIA could try use him to enter Cuba as a communist, in an attempt to get close enough to shoot at Castro... (unfortunately this could amount to making more political sense than killing JFK in a multitude of ways).
Read the section taken from David Phillips' manuscript in a blog entry below to hear his own words on the idea that Oswald was trained to kill Castro and the plan backfired.

It has often been asserted that Oswald life's pattern constantly bore what is called "the fingerprints of intelligence". There are many situations he was in that appear to be contradictory on the surface but unfold to show a well-planned outcome. One major circumstance that makes his relationship with military intelligence seem apparent was his initial "renunciation of US citizenship" on his sudden move to Russia. Most everything surrounding this situation suggests that it was an operation.

Beforehand, while serving in Japan, as others in his platoon socialized, he quietly studied Russian until he accomplished a relatively expert level of the dialect... (hence the reason Marina mistook his accent for a specific province when they met). On his arrival to Russia, he didn't actually "renounce" his citizenship... instead, he made a big show of an attempt to lend military secrets to the Russians in the US embassy and never followed thru with any of the paperwork... (it could have actually caused him problems if his gesture was genuine)- ...probably knowing he'd be returning to the US for other reasons, like most scenes he made, this was just another performance.
FBI agent James Hosty (who was surveilling Oswald throughout his Dallas period) said that handwriting experts analyzed Oswald's diary of his 3 years in Russia, what he called his "historic life's journal" oddly enough, and discerned that the entire diary was written in 2 days. ...just another performance... a careful development of his backstory.

How did this backstory aid his future deeds?
Later on in New Orleans, after scoring the proof he needed there, he took his newspaper clippings showing his arrest and FPCC membership card to prove his Communist leanings and seemed to believe he would be able to glide into Cuba. Who brings pictures of themselves getting arrested to get into another country?
His confidence was indicated by how angry he became when he was told he'd have to wait up to 4 months to get his travel visa while the Russian Embassy contacted Washington and checked out his background. He seemed to assume things were set up for him... this could explain why he marched back and forth between the embassies in confusion, calling the other, giving his name and claiming he'd been cleared. He'd have good reason to expect an expedited treatment if only for how fast he'd been shuttled through all of his other border entries, sometimes getting his visas the next day. These parallels are important.

When Oswald had flitted into the Soviet Union he was funded by unknown sources... but the KGB also assisted him and observed him under the cover of the Red Cross... he was set up in Minsk in an electronics factory where he was immediately paid the same amount as the head director (the US had great curiosity in observing Russian electronic production ability). He met Marina at a dance and they married only 6 weeks later (her uncle was KGB). I've read that if a woman wanted to marry an American and leave the USSR during the height of the Cold War, that she had to agree to work with the KGB by relaying information back to them... and this sounds like what you would expect of that era. It's the only way, with both sides observing each other through these two peoples' flimsy union, that they could have left the USSR together and entered the USA with ease and with supposedly no surveillance/interest in them. The only reason that there would be no official or recorded information on this surveillance is simply because they were informing on themselves.

So when we understand Oswald's history as having had an odd sort of military intelligence sponsorship that allowed him to travel places and do things that others could not do without inside help... It doesn't look quite as strange in Mexico when he attempts to glide thru to Cuba...
Back when Oswald had guarded U2 planes in Japan he'd gotten a discharge from the marines because "his mom was sick". But instead of going to take care of her, he bee-lined to Russia through a special route in Helsinki, Finland taken by those well-informed and decided he was ready to give up US military secrets. A matter of days later the first U2 plane was shot down over Russia and the pilot, Gary Powers, himself said that it was only Oswald's information that could of located the plane and helped take it down. Knowing this, the Warren Report would have us believe that the CIA/FBI had no interest in this character... and would let him slip back into the country after living in the USSR, bringing his newly acquired wife and getting a job in a photo lab that developed military plane's overhead surviellance?...

This is a parallel to New Orleans when he'd accomplished his pamphleting task to then pick up to move on to his next objective. But in the instance of Russia, he seems to have be assigned to find the wife... and their relationship never seems to have had much more than the discomfort of an arranged marriage. One of the more interesting theories is that this was an early step towards trying to get her KGB uncle to travel to the American side.

After Oswald's return he began to leave Marina at random intervals to live in other areas on his own, as if the marriage was not central to his lifestyle at all. It's sad to think that Oswald's mother, who has been painted thoughout every single piece of media coverage she's ever had as an completely unstable lunatic who bore another lunatic, constantly said "my son was an agent for the CIA".

In Mexico there was an actual picture of Oswald attached to his application for a Visa to Cuba when he arrived.
Win Scott and 2 other agents have admitted to having seen the actual pictures of Oswald entering the consulate to corroborate his presence there... so it looks as if he really was determined to get to Cuba... maybe to establish a further backstory as a Cuban supporter or agent... perhaps that would develop the ultimate political identity of the killer of JFK for anti-communist political purposes... or perhaps Oswald was part of the plan to kill Castro. A lot of researchers have had to speculate that he was part of 2 different plans and one of them won out over the other. It is still their project to find out why.


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Embassy Overview

:::Mexico City was the Casablanca of the Cold War:::
...the spy capital of the world.
It was the closest city to the US where Russian spies could congregate; a massive KGB operation placed multitudes of spies in positions of hotel clerks and bartenders etc.
There they mingled with other spies from virtually all continents... German, Canadian, Cuban, US, Japanese and various Latin American spies met at locations known within the underworld to be frequenting spots for trading or dangling information. This was a community of single, double and triple agents employed by various entities that sometimes shared agendas; each agent tossing out a script to see what others would bite, to guess at why and report back. To find OSWALD in this world, floating through parties and sleeping with other spies fits like a glove. It's a virtual carbon copy of his earlier military period in Atsugi, Japan where he guarded the U2 plane (a CIA project) but often wandered over into restricted sectors and frequented the most commonly known 'spy bar'. He's been said to have dated both men and women who were likely Japanese/Russian spies in situations that resembled missions, using OSWALD as a 'dangle'... hence the fact he was famously given a written excusal from his superiors after contracting gonorrhea "in the line of duty".

LIERODE was the codename for the CIA's operation that spied on the neighboring Cuban and Russian Embassies in Mexico City to keep track of who was most likely working for the competitor's interests. The CIA used offices in the American Embassy as their cover and was especially interested in any Americans who wanted to leave the country on a path frequented by undercover agents. Headed by David Phillips, LIERODE's daily operation photographed anyone entering the foreign Embassies, researched all the Embassy employees and tapped the phones. During Oswald's visits to the Cuban Embassy alone he would have walked by the LIERODE cameras a total of 6 times, but (as discussed in an earlier post below) pictures of another man were taken instead and no pictures of the real Oswald have ever been seen.

To this day, the facts surrounding the 2 most well-known witnesses of Oswald's trip to Mexico directly before the assassination remain confused and the CIA is still protecting what 'went wrong' with it's surveillance operation.

Silvia Duran

Silvia Duran just happened to be the person working at the desk when Oswald was said to have entered the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City to obtain a visa for travel into Cuba. She'd only gotten the position 1 month beforehand.

Oswald showed Duran his passport and displayed a relatively elaborate Pro-Cuban backstory by providing his correspondence with the American Communist Party, his membership card for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, a newspaper clipping about his activities in New Orleans and a photograph of himself in custody, accompanied by two police officers after his showdown with anti-Castro refugees (also mentioned in an earlier entry).

After JFK's death and Oswald's arrest Duran would become a source of major interest for LBJ and Hoover as they tried to understand the significance of Oswald's trip to Mexico just before the assassination.

One of the central enigmas of the Mexico dilemma is this:
The CIA depended greatly on Silvia Duran as their main witness of Oswald's presence in Mexico, but was simultaneously suspicious of who she really was... and extremely concerned with controlling her interpretation of her interaction with OSWALD. On the request of the CIA she was arrested by the Mexican Secret Police and underwent interrogation and torture concerning her relationship to Oswald... and then was later re-arrested for trying to escape to Cuba herself!

After being terrorized she began to be less sure that it was Oswald that she'd seen... AND! She was never interviewed nor called as a witness by the Warren Commission. Why wouldn't they want her on the record? The Commission "never learned of either of her arrests" and relegated her to being more of an Communist enemy in their report.

From the Warren Commission report:
"[Duran and her husband] were active in far left, political affairs in Mexico, believe in Marxist ideology, and sympathize with the government of Fidel Castro, and Senor Duran has written articles for El Dia, a pro-Communist newspaper in Mexico City."

The CIA were able to control the Mexican Secret Police and all subsequent public discovery of Duran's existence, stating in an agency cable that "we want to insure that Silvia Duran gets no impression that Americans are behind her re-arrest. In other words we want Mexican authorities to take responsibility for the whole affair."

From writer Peter Dale Scott:
"One of the most crime-ridden CIA assets we know of is the DFS [Mexican Secret Police], which the US helped to create. Such alliances [as the CIA-DFS alliance] were often first formed in order to deny drug assets to the enemy."

"As late as 1967 Durán reportedly told a CIA agent, LIRING-3, that in her November 23 interrogation she had been "interviewed thoroughly and beaten until she admitted that she had an affair with Oswald."

And from researcher John Simkin:
"When Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in Dallas shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Duran immediately recognized him as the man who visited the Cuban consul's office on 27th September. This was reinforced by the discovery of Duran's name and phone number in Oswald's address book."

...but when interviewed in '79 by Anthony Summers she described Oswald as being half a foot shorter than he was... so Summers showed her a film of Oswald and Duran said: "The man on the film is not like the man I saw here in Mexico City." I go back and forth on this but for some reason, and I'd love to know what, Duran seemed to have been throwing a curve ball here... (relatively late in the game too, perhaps because so many people were dying and she felt she was in danger...)

How do we explain CIA Station Chief Win Scott's assertion that "Silvia Durán had sexual intercourse with Lee Harvey Oswald on several occasions when the latter was in Mexico City" if she doesn't recognize him? Several people have put forward that Duran and Oswald did date, if only for a brief time.

There are residual traces that a theory was bandied about by the CIA of an international Communist assassination conspiracy, using the Oswald-Durán relationship as it's centerpiece.
I sometimes meditate on the fact that a man in the ambulance (after Oswald was shot) said that Oswald made a distinct fist-in-air gesture as he was dying... one must wonder if Oswald had been led to believe that he was part of this theorized Communist conspiracy.
But all theorizing of his true background was officially ceased when LBJ and Hoover brought down the hammer, shutting down all inquiries into who OSWALD really was after the lone nut theory was posited (punishing agents who would deliver contradicting evidence).

The heat was obviously very heavy upon Duran... in a sense, all pressure that JFK had possibly been murdered by a Soviet/Cuban agent was being lowered down on her by the US government by way of Mexican authorities. It is still rumored that 'Duran later admitted to a close friend that she had dated Oswald while he was in Mexico City.' (from this excellent bio of Duran by John Simkin)

Gilberto Alvarado

After the assassination Gilberto Alvarado stepped forward to say that he saw Oswald approached by 'a Negro with reddish hair' who gave him $6500 in cash inside the Cuban Embassy for the mission of killing the president. Alvarado then changed the date of the sighting by 10 days after being told by the CIA that Oswald wasn't in Mexico on that date... then the Mexican Secret Service informed the CIA "that Alvarado has signed a statement saying that his story of seeing Oswald inside the Cuban Embassy is completely false." Then Alvarado retracted his retraction a few days later, explaining that his retraction was a result of being threatened to be hung by his testicles by the DFS. Then he underwent a lie detector test and failed.
Alvarado's story is interesting because it was obtained by David Phillips in a safe-house. Phillips reported that "Alvarado had admitted he was a member of the Nicaraguan Secret Service (another agency under the tutelage of the CIA), but saw that as no reason to question his story." The ultimate use of Alvarado's script came to pass when LBJ used it as evidence of a Soviet-backed assassination and the inevitability of a coming world war to convince Earl Warren to form the Warren Commission against his will. If only for this result, David Phillips' scheme did end up pulling some massive strings.

from writer Peter Dale Scott:

"Given the known ambiguities about Alvarado's double identity as an intelligence agent, one can easily fault the leaders of the US Embassy in Mexico for claiming that "there appears to be a strong possibility that a down payment was made to Oswald in the Cuban Embassy here." But it is not clear that the management of the Alvarado story was integral to the Kennedy assassination plot. It is clear that the CIA was and is hiding something about Oswald and the Cuban Embassy. The Alvarado story might have been no more than a convenient diversion: a chance to focus attention on a different (and false) narrative."

J.Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Johnson and James Angleton all remained suspicious of a Soviet plot behind the president's murder but worked to shut down the public's inquiry into the subject of their own fears. But eliminating fears of a Cuban/Communist plot was the exact opposite effect that David Phillips had been shooting for by inventing the Alvarado and the Garro stories. His purpose was to nudge Washington with scenarios that could re-awake aggressive tactics toward Cuba. CIA disinformation specialists had gotten comfortable using the media to put pressure on JFK... Directly after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy awoke to read a front page headline that stated there were still Russian missiles hidden away in island caves that he hadn't gotten the Russians to remove. Knowing it was disinformation and perceiving it's purpose, he asked his assistants to look into where the writer got the false story... they definitely could have pushed a lot harder to discover his exact sources... but that didn't matter so much as Kennedy already knew that there was only 1 organization in Washington who had the power to create false frontpage headlines.

Who developed these news stories? David Phillips was a PR specialist, a writer of several books and an ex-actor/undercover agent... Here's another story it appears he may have come up with:

An internal CIA cable said that their phone-tapping operation intercepted an American male calling the Cuban Consulate from the Russian Consulate that spoke in broken Russian and said his name was 'Lee Oswald'. He mentioned that he'd just met with a man working at the Soviet Consulate named Kostikov. Not only do experts believe that this phone call was probably invented, but Kostikov was known only by agents with top CIA clearance to be a KGB agent working in 'Department Thirteen', the section specialized in assassination. The implications of this are worse than they sound...
The central issue to me is either that:

A: Oswald supposedly had this very high-level knowledge of who Kostikov was...
which is to admit that he is an agent of one of the sides... either way is bad for the CIA because if they knew he was either a Soviet agent or meeting with a Soviet assassination specialist, how could the FBI men that were routinely keeping tabs on his whereabouts and activities avoid supervising him on the day JFK passed underneath the window he worked in?

B: If the phone call is faked, it also only indicates the CIA... who else would know to drop Kostikov's name and what it meant, with the foreknowledge to document it in the CIA's own records?... It's terrifying that they do not want to clear this issue up because it suggests that someone in extremely high levels knew exactly what was going to happen in Dallas only weeks later. And who was responsible for explaining the mysterious phone call, why the tape's of it were erased so quickly and why the camera's couldn't manage to take a picture of Oswald?... Again!: David Phillips. How could one man appear and re-appear so many times within Oswald's path?

Disturbingly, there was also a suspicious letter sent from 'Oswald' to the Soviet Embassy in Washington that was 'intercepted' and mentioned "my meetings with comrade Kostin (sic)", saying "had I been able to reach the Soviet Embassy in Havana as planned, the embassy there would have had time to complete our business."
...Who writes this kind of shit to an Embassy in Washington?... not to mention it's illegal interception... but who would've known what this meant enough to document it before the assassination?

David Phillips, Howard Hunt and Win Scott wrote a lot about themselves... the former 2 publishing many books about spying and the latter having had his last manuscript confiscated and classified by the CIA. This characteristic of being a writer is of great importance. In espionage your central talent is developing an alternate script to reality, controlling the perception of the false story and selling your version to the public or whoever you might currently be trying to manipulate.
David Phillips was placed at the forefront of the attempt overthrow Cuba, unseat Castro's control and/or kill him, and cover the operation up because of the swift success he'd experienced in the overthrow of the Guatemala a few years before. By demonstrating that you can end a regime without spending much money, losing American lives and convincing the public on both sides that it was for the greater good, he had climbed to the very top of the CIA.

Former CIA chief Win Scott's writing attempts didn't bring him as much success. To this day the manuscript of his lifestory lies in a CIA vault unpublished... with 1 entire chapter dedicated to Oswald that his son Michael Scott and author Jefferson Morley are still fighting to get unclassified.

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Domino Theory

The basic myth of Sherlock Holmes is that by looking at the overview of a crime he could infer the guilty party by uncovering their psychology and motivation. Because 'JFK/OSWALD' was never brought to a legitimate trial and so many of the crucial witnesses died of "heart attacks", we can't use hard evidence so much as look for the strongest thread of logic, understand motivations and work backwards.

Oswald's participation in the 'Fair Play for Cuba Committee' has always seemed multi-layered and bizarre. Essentially his life in his New Orleans period preceding the assassination can be characterized as a hired acting job ...a seemingly pointless one-man performance,, but for who?
Oswald tried very hard to get arrested in public to display his Pro-Castro stance to the widest possible audience and, conveniently, live news cameras showed up to capture his fight with Carlos Bringuier before it had occurred. Bringuier was in charge of publicity and propaganda for the anti-Castro group the "DRE"... Oswald was overheard whispering "hit me Carlos" after the media arrived. To further emphasize the planned out nature of their street fight, researcher Jefferson Morley has shown that Oswald actually reported it occuring to the FPCC in New York 9 days before it had even happened. Oswald had skillfully baited Bringuier, having strolled into his storefront and offered his ex-marine abilities to train Anti-Castro commandos, after obviously being educated on exactly who Bringuier was and rehearsed by someone most likely involved with these training camps. This exposes the CIA project to infiltrate all Pro- and Anti-Castro groups, manipulate the public and the press on the Cuban issue, and points an arrow back towards a relational nexus between the David Phillips, Guy Banister and Jack Ruby's crowd involved the backdoor gun-running that supplied the camps with weapons that couldn't be traced to the government.

In a 1978 deposition given to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, E. Howard Hunt said "The DRE. Dave Phillips ran that for us." (read about who David Phillips was in the blog entry below)...
And who, along with David Phillips, ran an operation to infiltrate the FPCC?: future Watergate burglar, James McCord. Apparently the operation was designed by McCord and implemented by Phillips in the field. As you follow this New Orleans scenario, a relationship between Phillips and Oswald begins to seem inevitable... and Anthony Venciana's claim of seeing David Phillips talking with Oswald in Dallas grows more and more believable.

Declassified documents discovered by military analyst John Newman say that Phillips and McCord were conducting surveillance in New Orleans on a young american male who had "returned from Cuba under the sponsorship of the FPCC".

In '92 it was discovered that, in the New Orleans photos, Oswald is handing out a rare, sold out 1st printing of the FPCC pamphlets... when, at that time, they were already on their 4th pressing. The CIA had ordered copies of this first pressing back in '61 when Oswald was still living in Russia. So where else would he have gotten these pamphlets stamped with the address of fanatical right wing "ex"-FBI agent Guy Banister?... A sworn deposition from a witness in an unconnected court case stated that they were in a meeting with both Banister and a "Mr.Phillips" who was "from Washington" and "seemed to be running the show" where they were working on "a televised anti-Castro propaganda program".

After the assassination several shady people, with seemingly arranged media co-ordination, came out of the woodwork to suggest that Oswald was sent as an agent of Castro to kill JFK (in an attempt to rip open the unresolved scab of the Bay of Pigs). Again, there was a Watergate connection... In 1976 Frank Sturgis, one of the plumbers, gave a series of interviews where he claimed the assassination had been organized by Fidel Castro and that Lee Harvey Oswald had been working in America as a Cuban agent. When disinformation like this is usually issued from the mouths of paid informants you can probably safely suspect the opposite could be true... but in this case a lot of researchers believe that Oswald was lead to believe he was acting on the part of Castro's interests by anti-Castro agents/refugees posing as Castro agents, attempting to bring on the inevitable ejection of Castro if he was found to be behind JFK's murder.

The press pointing towards Castro or Russia being behind Oswald's moves and the various stages of his public role as a red-leaning fanatic that took pictures of himself with a rifle with issues of 'The Militant' and 'The Worker' in his hands, all include "the fingerprints of intelligence" and occur in the patterns of co-ordination indicative of people like Phillips who's very job it was to provide disinformation to the public in these areas.
I've read that during JFK's term there were over 400 CIA-employed writers positioned throughout the US media, churning out disinformation in ways that Chomsky is still called a conspiracy theorist for pointing out.

Oswald succeeded by catapulting his new persona into televised debates over Cuba and Marxism with Bringuier when their media purposes momentarily coalesced. But his attempt to form a "committee" in New Orleans never really began, as he remained the sole member of the FPCC (along with the chapter president, "Alek Hidell", his alias) and never converted anyone. How many everyday citizens do you know that use an alias and run false political/media-coordinated operations?

To understand the teleology of this crime's motivation, you'd want to line up all of the odd sub-plots and scenarios so that, when aligned as a series of dominoes with the end result in a logical sequence, you'd have a clear path, one of no resistance, where the reasoning for the risks undertaken by the guilty party would be self-evident.
Why would Oswald go to the trouble of these public performances? in an obtuse and lateral way, with barely any money to support his family... he appeared to be on a mission to develop a backstory for himself. If you skip down in this blog to David Atlee Phillips 'theory' below, you can begin to formulate a clearer line of logic for the domino that concerns Oswald's New Orleans period. Meaning that, the people most interested in developing the backstory of Oswald as a Pro-Castro extremist and most able to co-ordinate news coverage, hiring others to hand out pamphlets with him and establishing the office address etc.,,, would logically be the same people trying to prep his appearance for being able to enter Cuba as a Castro supporter and position him up above Fidel's daily jeep rides.

When you keep sliding these puzzle pieces around they must eventually lock up into one formation. The famous quote from an agent describing the mood inside the offices of the CIA in reaction to OSWALD's arrest was "the effect was electric".
For over 3 decades this phrase was concealed from the public. It implies a sense of guilt or foreknowing,, but in what direction exactly? If you slide the puzzle pieces one way, the shock inside the CIA offices corresponds best with David Phillips' manuscript. Obviously the 'electric effect' tells us that they know well who Oswald is... it could also give the effect that an operation they had their hands deep in had back-fired, literally. Which is what brings a lot of the best research to focus on the Mexico City incident and understanding why Oswald was down there right before the assassination.
(thanks to the excellent author/researchers Jefferson Morley, John Newman, Dick Russell and Gaeton Fonzi)

Do the pulse cameras at the Mexico City Consulate matter in the way it's often assumed they do?... The common assumption is that Oswald was impersonated in Mexico and that David Phillips claimed the pulse cameras were dysfunctional in the exact period of time that Oswald walked by them 6 times to avoid the uncovering of this impersonation. But what if David Phillips was concealing that Oswald actually was there to gain access to Cuba for a different top secret mission? This could iron out in a straighter fashion and follow the logic of what we know of Phillips' skill at disinformation.

No one can deny the compelling evidence that there was an Oswald impostor in Mexico, including that many people have said they met another very similar man named Oswald that was not Lee Harvey. But like most things that people often consider unresolvable contradictions,... why can't they just co-exist? The riddle of why pictures of a fake Oswald were sent from the CIA to Washington has confused researchers into proposing that Oswald was never in Mexico... but considering that it would be more damaging for the CIA if Oswald had actually been trying to get into Cuba while involved in one of many top secret Castro assassination plots,, it would make more sense that he was there in Mexico ...and that the impersonation occured simultaneously to serve as a cover to say that he wasn't. This would be the kind of work David Phillips was known for and was his job to do.
...or,, is it what everyone would expect.. that Phillips left behind one last piece of disinformation to point the blame away from himself,, back to Cuba, where they'd begun pointing it towards well before the assassination.. looking backwards now it almost looks too organized,, as if they knew they could get away with anything... it was, after all, Phillips design from the beginning wasn't it?... Oswald's pro-Cuban stance would put the blame on Castro and bring jets screaming and bombs falling. Maybe this is the kind of simplicity a theory needs.

Indeed, the fact that Oswald was or wasn't in Mexico was so important to the CIA/FBI that less than 24 hours after the assassination, in J. Edgar Hoover's first phone call to LBJ, this was said:

LBJ: "Have you established any more about the visit to the Soviet embassy in Mexico in September?"

Hoover: "No, that’s one angle that’s very confusing, for this reason: we have up here the tape and the photograph of the man who was at the Soviet embassy, using Oswald’s name. That picture and the tape do not correspond to this man’s voice, nor to his appearance. In other words, it appears that there is a second person who was at the Soviet embassy down there."
(...taken from a transcript that survived from audio tapes that contain a 14 minute gap where this area was destroyed)

Why would James Angleton (chief of the CIA's counter-intelligence) swoop in the day after Winston Scott's death (CIA chief of Mexico who'd suffered a fatal 'heart attack' with no autopsy performed) to confiscate the materials in his private safe?:

Scott is said to have had pictures and tapes of the real Oswald in Mexico... and since the false picture of Oswald had already been exposed what would be so sensitive that Angleton would need to protect it immediately (like he had Mary Pinchot Meyer's diary after her still unsolved murder)?... What would be so damaging about having audio tapes of the real Oswald's voice?:
Simply that it would've indicated that he had been there... possibly participating in one of the many illegal attempts to kill Castro.

The most powerful theory will be the one that holds the strongest logic. Because people do these killing things for concrete reasons and you must uncover what those reasons are without getting lost in the endless details. Why destroy tapes?: because they will either indicate that you created a false appearance or that Oswald actually was present and involved in a task you must deny. The CIA claimed they were confused as to how they could have sent an erroneous picture after being forced to play dumb... and then, backed into a corner of rationalizations, they claimed the cameras weren't working... which doesn't explain how a picture of a different man on that date and position existed.

This is a photo of Oswald's application for entrance into Cuba...

How could a man holding this page with Oswald's picture on it, but not having his appearance, apply to enter the USSR or Cuba?:
...the domino falls straighter if this situation at the Consulate was invented as a cover to conceal a different design.
You just have to keep ironing it out and lining up the dominoes.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


David Atlee Phillips, former head of the CIA's Western Hemisphere Division (counter-espionage division), described himself as a Kennedy supporter and a moderate democrat. His wife once described him as a man who "lied in his sleep."
On the day of the Bay of Pigs invasion, after helping to organize the attack, he came home from work and sat under a tree in his yard and sobbed for hours when Kennedy refused to help back the unprovoked assault and it ended in failure... whereas on the day Kennedy was killed his wife said that he walked in the house in a good mood, went straight to the refrigerator and asked how her day had been.
His own brother refused to speak to him for 6 years and then called him when Phillips was in the hospital dying of cancer to find out if he was in Dallas on 'that day'. Phillips began crying and said "Yes" when his brother hung up on him.

When he died on 7th July, 1988, Phillips left behind an unpublished manuscript. The novel is about a CIA officer who lived in Mexico City. In the novel the character states:
"I was one of the two case officers who handled Lee Harvey Oswald. After working to establish his Marxist bona fides, we gave him the mission of killing Fidel Castro in Cuba. I helped him when he came to Mexico City to obtain a visa, and when he returned to Dallas to wait for it I saw him twice there. We rehearsed the plan many times: In Havana Oswald was to assassinate Castro with a sniper's rifle from the upper floor window of a building on the route where Castro often drove in an open jeep. Whether Oswald was a double-agent or a psycho I'm not sure, and I don't know why he killed Kennedy. But I do know he used precisely the plan we had devised against Castro. Thus the CIA did not anticipate the President's assassination but it was responsible for it. I share that guilt."

Whether or not Phillips was involved the Kennedy assassination plot doesn't really detract from how fascinating he was. It's too easy to make him a one-stop solution to the cover-up and wager that he was "Maurice Bishop", the man who was well positioned to,, and was allegedly seen handling Oswald. Without any hard evidence and just by using logical deduction it's clear that Phillips lied constantly about what he knew from just looking at where he was, when he was and what his job was. As a rule, no one would ever trust any books written by CIA agents after they've retired (especially a disinformation specialist), but there could be more truth to his unfinished manuscript than one might believe.

Since viewing the entire trajectory of Oswald's life is basically a game of 'what-if?'... it's worthwhile to ask if Phillips semi-confession fits a potentially valid scenario. And it does in several ways... Maybe the entire Mexico City puzzle could be simpler than researchers make it out to be...

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unfocusing yr eyes

...I was never that interested in Nixon. ...If there's one aspect that's been consistently profiled about his personality it was his paranoia concerning his enemies, coupled with the over-protection of his post... so in the back of my head it's always bothered me that he stepped down from the position he coveted more than anything in the world because some underlings were caught searching for some files. Watergate seems intrinsically misunderstood from it's outset... by design. read this commonly repeated text from an article about watergate:

"The first attempted break-in failed because the conspirators got locked in a closet off the main dining room of the Watergate complex. The next one didn't work because the burglars -- most of them Cubans and veterans of President Kennedy's failed invasion of the Bay of Pigs -- couldn't figure out how to pick the lock on the committee's door. After that, one of the burglars returned home to Miami to collect better equipment."

It seems immediately significant that the burglars were Cuban, involved in the Bay of Pigs, and returning to Miami ..but generally the printed surface material you'll read won't dwell on this.. it will only re-hash more of the same cut and paste periphery.. ..that they were called the "plumbers" because they protected Nixon from leaks.. ..that it was part of one of the many smear campaigns Nixon would run against his various enemies.. but the question that remains is 'was there a more central fear that specific information he was protecting could come out if the investigations continued... something heavy enough to cost him the entire presidency,.. creating the need for him to 'launder a slush fund in Mexico' to buy everyone's silence?' The 18 1/2-minute tape gap in his private recordings is another obvious obstacle in the puzzle.

From Nixon's tapes: "Hunt will uncover a lot of things. You open that scab, there's a hell of a lot of things... This involves those Cubans... this will open up that whole Bay of Pigs thing... It's going to make the CIA look bad, it's going to make Hunt look bad and is likely to blow the whole Bay of Pigs thing..."

(H.R. Haldeman, his assistant, wrote in his memoir, "The Ends of Power",
that when Nixon referred to "the Bay of Pigs thing",
it was his spoken code for 'the Kennedy assassination'.)

..with this quote of Nixon's in mind look at this picture, sold on Ebay recently, of people running in Dealey Plaza after the shots were fired...

this man, strangely caught whistling, walking away from the scene in a trenchcoat and low-brim hat looks oddly like E.Howard Hunt...

E.Howard Hunt denied that he was in Dallas on that day. It seems Nixon largely stepped down out of fears related to his being blackmailed by Hunt (who's been documented to have received well over $100,000 from Nixon to keep quiet). The lasting impression this left on me was that Nixon got away before the real inquiry began... so what information did Hunt have that he was specifically scared of?...

...of all people, Hunt was using Eugenio Martinez in the Watergate break-ins... someone who'd been deeply involved in the Bay of Pigs and positioned high up inside the anti-Castro movement that Oswald had been penetrating ...or that was penetrating him.

Hunt also couldn't have chosen a more insidious 'plumber' than Frank Sturgis,... for years he was one of the most consistently used pilots for the C.I.A., dropping guns to the refugees in Cuba who were tirelessly working to assassinate Castro,, a mini-industry that Jack Ruby, David Ferrie, Guy Bannister and a lot of the people positioned around Oswald in New Orleans were involved in.

...One of Jack Ruby's, now-famous, last quotes:
"They're going to find out about Cuba.
They're going to find out about the guns,
find out about New Orleans,
find out about everything."

...the Pentagon Papers were leaked by Ellsberg... and that alone was sufficient cause for Nixon to find out 'what else he knew' (Gordon Liddy has said this was the plumbers' mission)... my implication that Martinez and Sturgis might have any personal reasons of their own to be digging around looking for leaks could be seen as a long shot... but Hunt, Sturgis and Martinez were joined at the hip by an agenda deeply important to them, an allegiance that would look obscure to people now,, but they had largely dedicated their lives to. For Hunt and Sturgis, their motives were based in an intense, almost-jihad level, anti-communist/patriotism... and for Martinez a rabid desire to unseat Castro. As the 'plumbers' they were part of the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP),, in a mission to keep the conservative president in office and defending their interests.
To believe that people involved in killing a president wouldn't be on damage control 9 years later is totally naive... Nixon stepped down before people could notice a boatload of disturbing parallels. Why would these 3 guys who were running guns into Cuba, trying to assassinate Castro and associated with the insidious New Orleans groups (Bannister/Ferrie/Ruby etc.) that were running training camps for anti-Castro refugees just happen to also end up right in the middle of Watergate... caught trying to stop 'leaks' that lead back to something they didn't want uncovered?

Sturgis later claimed that the Watergate burglars had been instructed to find a particular document in the Democratic Party offices. This was a "secret memorandum from the Castro government" that included details of CIA covert actions.